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The Fulltime Global Financial Professional Academy (GFPA) – Professional Qualification + Practical Competencies + Professional Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship means to watch, observe, practice and live with a leader or master. It is an old practice that is rooted in industrial type of work. If you were a machinist then you most likely apprenticed under someone to see how they did what you were going to be required to do. This is what The Fulltime Global Financial Professional Academy provides for our future financial talents.


The Fulltime Global Financial Professional Academy is our commitment to developing high – value financial talents who will become solution specialists in the organizations they serve; equipping them with the right skills set to move their organization’s into new growth, greater success and enduring prosperity.

GFPA is a market orientated programme designed to combine professional qualifications with a range of practical professional skills and professional apprenticeships with leading organizations.

The selection process is highly competitive. We seek to select the most competent candidate to be trained in a carefully designed curriculum which has been prepared with industry experts and professional bodies.

This programme offers the added dimension of personal and career advancement – developed with our unique and distinctive ideals in mind.


The programme is based on three fundamental pillars.

Professional Qualification



Choose a professional track

Practical Competencies


Certified Expert in Data Analytics and Financial Modelling

Certified Expert in Accounting Technology and Systems Audit

Certified Expert in Taxation, Financial and Management Accounting Practice

Certified Expert in Management Consulting Practice

Professional ApprenticeshipsStart your practical experience with leading practice firms and many other partner organisations across different sectors.

Choose the Path of a Global Financial Leader

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